How NSSF Officers Faked Rent Payment Receipts For Hazina Trade Centre And View Park Towers

Efforts by the recently appointed chairman of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Antony Muruiki to clean up the mess left behind by previous officeholders at the state corporation could hit a dead end as perpetrators are still sitting pretty, busy planning on how to sabotage his agenda.

This has come at a time when cases, where Kenyan workers lost millions of shillings previously, are set to be revisited over claims that some NSSF officers were compromised.  One such case involves Kenya College of Medicine which sources say colluded with NSSF officers and gave fake cash deposit slips of Ksh. 9.3 million.

Sources say Kenya College of Medicine rented offices at both Hazina Trade Centre and View Park Towers and in the process presented fake banking slips totalling Ksh. 9,327,627 purporting that the transactions were authentic rent payments.

It has since been discovered that rental records indicated that management recovered Ksh. 201,550 after selling off the tenant’s assets.  What is now worrying is that the management has failed to recover the balance amounting to Ksh. 9,126,077.

Workers are now appealing to the chairman to order a fresh investigation into the matter and ensure those involved in the racket are apprehended and brought to book. Unless this is done, the recovery of the money will remain just but a dream.

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