High Court Judge Upholds Gladys Wanga’s Victory, Which Way Now For Evans Kidero?


Former Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero’s political future seems to hang in the balance now with very limited political options left for him to pursue. A ruling made by High Court Judge Justice Roselyne Aburili which upheld Gladys Wanga’s victory on August 9, 2022, the general election seems to have been the last nail in his political coffin.

Analysts now say that Mr Kidero has very few options left to remain politically relevant. One, there are those calling on him to retire from elective politics, especially in Homa Bay, who argue that his fallout with ODM leader Raila Odinga has clipped his political wings.

Two, there are those of the opinion that he should stick with President William Ruto and try securing a state job in the Kenya Kwanza government as he plans a fresh comeback in 2027. Three, one school of thought has it that Kidero’s chances of winning any seat in Homa Bay and by extension Luo Nyanza are remote.

His other option is to relocate back to Nairobi and run for the gubernatorial seat in 2027 with the backing of president Ruto.  His last option, which he is most unlikely to seek is a truce with Baba and return to ODM’s mainstream team and run for Nairobi gubernatorial seat in 2027.

However, those who know Mr Kidero say seeking a truce with Raila Odinga is the last thing he can do. The two friends turned foes do not see eye to eye as Kidero claims Raila shortchanged him in the 2017 elections by not offering him the necessary support against Mike Sonko. Kidero further claims that Raila arm-twisted him in Homa Bay and forced him to support Gladys Wanga, a move which made him leave ODM and run as an independent candidate.  As to whether Kidero will move to the Court of Appeal only time will tell.

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