How Kericho Parking Attendants Colluded With Motorists Leading To A Reduction In Revenue Collection

Motor vehicle attendants in Kericho County have allegedly been colluding with unscrupulous motorists in denying the county the much-needed revenue. In the deal, motorists pay just half of what they are normally supposed to pay with no receipt issued.

The scandal was unearthed when the county realized less collection in revenue from the motor vehicle parking where the County Executive had projected to collect Ksh. 654,058,870 in the financial year 2020/2021. The County collected Ksh. 595,976,653 only resulting in a shortfall of Ksh. 58,082,217 or 9 % of the budgeted revenue.

Following that deal between parking attendants and motorists, parking attendants are now at pains to explain why they failed to collect the huge amount of money as projected. The unfortunate deal between parking attendants and motorists comes at a time when queries are being raised over another expenditure of Ksh. 9.5m paid to a bank in respect of banking software administration and revenue collection solutions.  The immediate former Governor Paul Chepkowny has also been exposed as having been involved in the deal.

Investigations also reveal the former governor sanctioned the payment of Ksh. 82,028,966 to two companies in respect of the construction of access roads under the Roads Department and an additional Ksh. 11,208,012 for other infrastructure and civil works under the Department of Roads but included in the construction of civil works amounting to Ksh. 530,028,661 to make a total of Ksh. 93,236,978.

It has been discovered that the two firms that participated in tenders as two different entities, actually shared the same director and shareholder according to the records maintained by the Business Registration Service. Questions have been asked why the former governor’s administration allowed companies with the same owners to participate in the same tender contrary to the procurement law.

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