Drama As Stima Sacco Fails To Pay Dividends To Members


It is now evident that the once vibrant Stima Sacco is on its knees and a pale shadow of its former self.  Several members who spoke to The Weekly Vision on condition of anonymity for fear of victimization claim they aren’t able to access their accounts despite Stima Sacco declaring dividends last Friday.

Investigations reveal that the Sacco is yet to disburse funds to members most of whom are in dire need of the funds. The Sacco has become a laughing stock as members take to their social media platform demanding answers on the claims that the Sacco is on its deathbed due to mismanagement and embezzlement of funds.

It is suspected that the management has withheld the release of the dividends, holding it to earn interest which they will secretly share amongst themselves.  An irate member took to his Twitter handle and wrote “One of the most stressing things at the moment is being a member of Stima Sacco. You don’t really know what’s going on. You can’t access your accounts, when you call them probably you are caller number 40 and have to wait for 50 minutes only to be promised that they are working on it.”

Another member wrote “With all that’s going on, this Sacco is nothing but a house of cards. Members cannot access their prime accounts to withdraw their funds. A percentage of member dividends have been sent to their deposit accounts without consent. The percentage of dividends offered is inaccessible.”

Another member wrote “Stima Sacco, you put someone on hold for 58 minutes then the call is disconnected when you get to caller number one. One can’t even access the financial dashboard with the right credentials, what the hell is going on there?.”

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