How Contractor Swindled The State Millions Of Shillings As Per Contract Agreement

Pressure is mounting on the top leadership at the State Department for Crop Development and Agricultural Research to account for over Ksh. 4m paid to a contractor who failed to deliver as per the contract agreement. Sources say that the department awarded a tender for the refurbishment of the main reception at Kilimo House to a firm at Ksh. 4,833,700. According to the Bill of Quantities (BQs), the works included the installation of a gypsum ceiling at the entire reception area at a cost of Ksh. 3,183,700. However, no gypsum works were carried out as specified in the contract yet the contractor was paid for the works.

Another project said to be under investigation following revelations that funds have been misappropriated is the stalled construction of the Laare Miraa Marketing shed. Available information indicates that the contract was awarded to a local contractor at a cost of Ksh. 23,502,066. The contract was for 12 months (48 weeks) with the completion date being 3rd October 2021 which was later revised to 19th February 2022.

Investigations reveal that by 26th July 2022, the contractor had abandoned the site and the project had stalled at 60% completion, the contractor had already been paid Ksh. 11,683,432.

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