Kenya’s State Department For Early Basic Education Accused of Mismanaging 10 Billion Shillings

Emerging reports have revealed how officers from the State Department for Early Learning and Basic Education mismanaged huge amounts of money meant free primary education. The funds, Ksh 9,062,694,606 in total, were allegedly disbursed for the free primary schools during the year 2020/2021.

Keen analysis of the Free Primary Education data by The Weekly Vision team revealed that some of the funds were disbursed to schools with duplicate bank accounts. It was discovered that 38 schools shared bank accounts and received Ksh. 1,557,119. In disbursements. Further 24,119 schools shared TSC registration numbers, the schools received Ksh. 737,669,134 in disbursements while 436 schools did not have TSC registration numbers/Codes, and they received Ksh. 14,664,414 in disbursements.

It was further discovered that 3,486 schools were assigned a TSC code with different code formats from those provided by the State Department. The 3,486 schools received Ksh. 102,329,013. in disbursements. 

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