Nairobi’s Guru Nanak Hospital May Shut Doors Due To Poor Management

A serious power struggle among administrators coupled with financial mismanagement at the once vibrant Guru Nanak R.S Hospital may soon see the health facility close shop. Investigations carried out by The Weekly Vision team reveal that the midsized hospital located right at the junction of Park Road and Muranga Road (superhighway) in Ngara has of late been a pale shadow of its former self.

According to a section of staff who talked to us on strict condition of anonymity, the hospital has of late not been able to pay salaries on time as well as suppliers. It has also been discovered that for the last six months, the hospital has not been remitting statutory deductions such as NSSF, NHIF, and PAYE among others.

Medical equipment suppliers as well as drug suppliers have terminated their contracts due to non-payment and even suppliers for food stuff have withdrawn their services. Several senior medical personnel have left the hospitals due to a lack of salaries. The morale of the few remaining medical personnel is at its lowest ebb.

Sources divulged that Guru Nanak Hospital has made losses of at least Ksh. 300 million in the last four years alone, it’s the main reason why they are unable to comfortably pay the salaries of key staff, some of whom have opted to sue. As the financial muscle of the hospital goes down, the hospital management has been forced to procure drugs from subcontractors charging 10 to 40 per cent more for the same drugs.

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