Politicians Urged to Support Creation Of An Extra Constituency Out Of Malava 

By Andanje Wakhungu

Residents of Malava constituency have been asked to stop politicizing the idea to subdivide the constituency into two. The Malava Mp Malulu Injendi said politics has been playing centre stage every time the proposal to split the constituency into two crops up, leading to the idea being discarded.

Mr Injendi stated that plans were underway to have two constituencies within the sub-county starting next year that will see more development and resources being allocated.  The idea to have Malava split into two has always elicited fierce arguments that lead to the whole idea being shelved but this time round let us focus and look at the bigger picture of what the two constituencies will bring.

The MP observed that the subdivision will bring more resources, employment and infrastructure to the locals and hence it should be embraced fully by all. “I have always wondered why the thought proposal to have two constituencies within Malava has been a bitter pill for some of us to swallow and yet the constitution allows for such, let us stop being petty and creating animosity out of nothing since this whole idea will bring development to the people, let us reason together and agree so that we can spruce up our economy and livelihood.

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