President Ruto Plans To Revive Nzoia Sugar Factory During His Visit To Bungoma

By The Weekly Vision

Bungoma governor Ken Lusaka has announced that President William Ruto is scheduled to visit Bungoma County in a few days to come, he was speaking at Kimaeti primary school in Bumula Constituency last week during Madaraka celebrations. The governor asked Western region leaders to prepare for President Ruto’s visit.

The governor argued that Ruto’s visit is centred on fulfilling the promises he made to Bungoma people during the campaigns. The County boss pointed out that the ailing Nzoia sugar, affordable housing launch and roads are among the things that the President is planning to address during his visit. The Nzoia sugar issue has raised a lot of concerns from different groups of people in the region. Currently, the western region’s sugar companies have been shut down due to a cane shortage. “We have started moving to Uganda looking for raw materials because if we don’t then we shall miss out on sugar production,” Nzoia sugar company chairman Alfred Khang’ati told the media.

MP’s both from the Kenya Kwanza and Azimio la Umoja have asked President William Ruto to fulfil his promise of installing a new mill at Nzoia sugar company. “One of my top agenda as a Member of Parliament is to ensure that Nzoia roars back to its milling state, we have met the President and the minister for Agriculture severally mainly to discuss how this sugar mill will be revived, “said Kanduyi MP John Makali.

However, Lusaka said that for the nine months, he has been in office since his inauguration, he has started projects in all the nine constituencies purposely to benefit his electorates. Among the things that Lusaka intends to do include; appointing a sub-county administrator for Kimaeti Sub-county, the launch of the Malakisi bridge in Sirisia Constituency, tarmacking of Mungatsi, Myianga, Kimaeti to Lwakhakha roads.

 Lusaka also stated that his administration has drilled a borehole at Libolina special school in Bumula and he says that the County is set to distribute clean water to the neighbouring schools and locals. The County boss called on MCA through the budget and appropriations Chairman Jack Wambulwa to allocate funds towards the purchase of maize that will be stored in the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCBP).

“To avoid brokers during maize selling I call upon MCA’s to allocate funds towards the purchase of maize from farmers that will be stored in NCBP,” Lusaka said. The governor said that the trade loans and regulations for the traders in Bungoma are ready asking small business operators to apply noting that the loans will be revolving. “After you have taken the loan, make efforts to repay back so that another person can also borrow,” he added. Lusaka added that in the coming financial year, he will allocate funds towards the purchase of ambulances at the Kimaeti health facility and other facilities within Bungoma.

“Strengthening primary health care (PHC) was among my top agendas during campaigns that is why I want to work closely with those in that docket to ensure that health is improved,” he said. He said that through his partnership with Bumula MP Jack Wamboka, they will launch an energy plant in Bumula worth 300 million which he says will offer employment for the locals.

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