Senators Criticize National Government For Healthcare Crisis In Counties

Senators have raised concerns about the healthcare situation in counties, attributing the frequent disruptions of health services to inadequate funding of devolved functions, particularly in the health sector.

During a visit to the Emuhaya sub-county hospital in Luanda constituency, Vihiga County Senator Godfrey Osotsi criticized the National Treasury for disproportionately allocating health funds to the national level, leaving counties with insufficient resources.

Senator Osotsi emphasized the need for equitable distribution of healthcare funding between the national and county levels to ensure stable healthcare services. He called for consultative meetings between stakeholders at both government levels to develop a framework that prioritizes the stability of the health sector at the county level.

 In his remarks, Senator Osotsi urged Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakumicha to listen to the concerns of healthcare workers and prioritize their needs. He also advocated for better access to essential medicines and called for accountability in the management of healthcare funds. The Legislature is pushing for collaborative efforts between the national and county governments to address the healthcare crisis and ensure the provision of quality healthcare services to all citizens.