Nairobi County Government Plans To Establish Digital Press Unit, TV And Radio Broadcast

The motion tabled by Deputy Minority Whip Joyce Kamau proposed the formulation of a broadcast policy to help the county establish a digital press unit, county TV and radio broadcast directorate and customer service. The legislature said that this would be an effective way of information dissemination and civic education to the residents of Nairobi.

She added that a broadcast unit would help facilitate public participation and cut down expenditures on advertisement. “This will help cut the cost of advertisement which I was checking and it was Ksh142Million. If we do our own broadcasting, we can minimize this amount and use the money in doing other projects like roads and health sector,” she said.

“it will also be a major source of revenue because we can commercialize the stations and make it more social bringing in investors to make their advertisements,” she added. Joyce said that it is always hard for a common Nairobian to know what the governor is doing in a different part of the county urging that the county media unit will be telling them all that the governor is doing everywhere.

On whether the City broadcast unit would stagnate like the National Broadcaster KBC, she called on them to upgrade and incorporate the evolving digital economy because they cannot run a media house like they did 30 years ago when they were starting.

“KBC maybe have refused to upgrade to the current digital system. You cannot run a broadcasting station the same way you did 30 years ago. You need to upgrade with the new generation and system and also digitize to catch up with the generation of the day,” she said. The whip said that if it materializes, they will ensure professions are employed according to the law.

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