Invest & Grow Sacco (IG) Donates Photocopier Machine To Friends Primary School Malava

 By Andanje Wakhungu
The management of the Invest and Grow Sacco Kakamega branch has been applauded for the timely gesture of donating a photocopier machine and printing papers to Friends Malava Primary School. The school management led by deputy head teacher Esther Wayela Lucheli could not hide their joy after receiving what they termed a dream come through.

The teacher narrated how it has been tedious to carry out printing services from the nearby cyber cafes, noting that it involved spending money and sometimes forcing parents to donate toward the course. She said that the generous donation of the photocopying machines and printer was a huge reprieve to the school with a population of 890 students.

“We are happy beyond our expression as this has been a huge setback in the school and at many times we have had to go out of our way to ensure that we have enough exam material and testing papers for our pupils and candidates since not many parents have been willing to support financially towards meeting the printing costs, as a school we had to carry the cross ourselves in most cases to meet the huge cost” and ensure our pupils are at par with other schools”

The board of management represented by Lawson Makola appreciated the gesture and promised to improve on the performance since it will be affordable for the school to set and print its exam for the pupils in all grades. We as the board of management want to assure our sponsors that we will do even better in our coming end-of-year exam as this printer will enable us to have extra exam testing papers before the real one and with frequent quizzes we surely will excel.”

The Invest and Grow Sacco marketing and public relations manager Kevin Ombuge urged the school to make good use of the machines and stated that it was part of Sacco’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) to give back to the community. “We are here because as a school, which bears the name of the sub county besides being the oldest (established in 1915) we felt it was important to heed to your urgent demand and here we are today to make true our pledge.”

The manager assured them of their continued support once available and in return called on all teachers and non-teaching staff within the institution who had not yet joined the Sacco to do so as it had a lot to offer in terms of investment and returns. The manager said the Sacco was the only vibrant and visible one in the region hence teachers and locals should embrace it by joining as members.
“It is only here that our people still believe in mattress banking but when you move to other regions, Invest and Grow has a massive following and has really touched many people’s lives, let us get out of our comfort zones and become vibrant investors, for it is only through investing that one grows, but if we keep on doubting and worrying that we will lose our monies when we invest in IG then we will forever be left behind in development matters.”