Malava MP Hands Over Double Cabin Pick Up To Sub-County Director Of Education Rose Chisumi 

By Andanje Wakhungu

Malava MP Mululu Injendi has promised to equip the National Government Constituency Fund (NG-CDF) sub-county offices to help staff members effectively carry out their mandate. The MP said this while handing over a new vehicle (the Suzuki Dmax double cabin) to the sub-county director of education, Rose Chisumi, at the Malava CDF offices. He added that the constituency was lagging in development matters due to the lack of adequate gear, such as vehicles, and suitable office furniture for office personnel.

Malava Sub-County Director of Education Rose Chisumi in green poses with other school Principals after receiving the vehicle from MP Mululu Injendi. Phot by Andanje Wakhungu

The MP said that the move by the Malava CDF office to purchase a vehicle for the Ministry of Education has taken over ten years to be realized. We started this journey with the then sub-county director Anne Shiundu, who found it hard traversing the sub-county to attend to education matters, but finally, the dream has been realised. We are committed to also assisting other departments that are handicapped in one way or another in ensuring that wananchi gets the needed service with ease. He revealed that plans were underway to purchase school buses for Shamoni and Chimoroni secondary schools; other education institutions within the sub-county will also benefit from infrastructure projects.

“I’m aware that the needs are many and funds are limited, but we are working with our supplementary budget to ensure that we at least reach out to each institution’s needs. For the first time, we are setting up storey classes in Lugusi Primary and Secondary, respectively, and Kimang’eti Girls and we are keen to keep up with the trend in other schools, but the availability of land for expansion has been an issue.”

The MP added that he had prioritised education in the sub-county as it was the most valuable tool for the growth of a society and the nation. Malulu said the vehicle would also assist other departments, including social services and the children’s department, which had also placed a request for the same. I know that you forwarded your request to the CDF offices, and we have started by equipping the education office. Although their request for furniture has yet to be responded to, let them start by prompting school visits to improve the education standards, and we shall address other grey areas shortly.

The sub-county director of education, Rose Chisumi, pointed out that the vehicle was an important component in the education sector as many schools were situated in the interior, hampering mobility through public means. She promised the MP that they would maintain frequent school inspections that would see schools’ performance improving.

It has been hard to reach out to most of our schools due to their location and distance, but with this vehicle, our officers will now be able to respond to school matters with the urgency they deserve. She called on the CDF committee to consider fueling and maintaining the vehicle until such a time that the Ministry of Education will come on board and take full charge. Deputy County Commissioner Florence Omieno lauded the good gesture by the CDF through the MP, terming him a true education crusader who means well to his constituents.

Omieno, who is the sub-county education committee chairperson, said CDF was doing a tremendous job in awarding bursaries to needy students, and many had been able to access education through bursary allocations. Let us partner and support the MP on education matters to enlighten our society and our youngsters, who are of substantial importance to the nation.”

The KNUT Western Region national executive member Emily Mito, who also doubles as the Kakamega North (Knut) Treasurer, appreciated the MP for his continued support in education matters, pointing out that it has been a huge challenge to execute duties on time.