The Shocking Truth Behind Uji Power: A Nairobi Food Scam Exposed

How far would you go to make your business stand out from the competition? Some people resort to unethical and illegal methods to attract customers, such as adding harmful substances to their products. This is the case of June, a food vendor in Nairobi who was caught adding Viagra and marijuana to her porridge.  Her story is a shocking example of how greed and deception can endanger the lives of innocent people.  Read on to find out how she was busted by a rival hotel owner who had a secret weapon:

Nairobi – It was chaos at the Nairobi OTC bus park after a food vendor was caught in the act. The beautiful woman was first arrested after she was caught crushing Viagra pills into a pot of boiling porridge at her kiosk.

June had over the past year built a strong name in Nairobi as the ultimate point where people buy uji power, a popular porridge that is made by mixing various nutritious flours and supplements, giving it higher caloric value and unique taste.  The business is growing all over Kenya, but unknown to many are the cunning ways traders use to attract customers.

For June, she had used the blue pills that men use to improve their bedroom prowess. Many men claimed the porridge made them feel strong, unaware that it contained blue pills and sometimes marijuana.

How was the Uji Power Seller busted?

After facing several cases of food poisoning at her hotel business in Nairobi, Naomi Punge sought a lasting solution.  From the three food poisoning cases that tainted her hotel’s name, she knew her business enemies were hot on her trail with one purpose – to drown her hotel and reduce competition.

When Naomi’s business was on the brink of collapse, she heard about a Kisumu couple with a baking business who had also suffered cases of sabotage.  One of the employees of the baking couple put a human finger in a cake that was being baked ahead of a wedding, and it was discovered inside the cake during the reception.

This caused the baking couple a bad name and left them with a collapsing business. But with the help of Mugwenu Doctors, the employee confessed, revealing that a rival bakery gave her the finger and instructed her to put it inside the cake so the business could collapse.

They had promised her a job and money.

Mugwenu Doctors came through for the business and it is back on its feet stronger than before.

OTC trader contacts Mugwenu Doctors

Naomi also contacted Mugwenu doctors, who issued her with business protection spells. The traditional herbalists also gave Naomi a pendant that enabled her to see her enemies in her dreams.

This helped her see who was plotting against her, and since then, she has thwarted several incidents of food poisoning at her restaurant near OTC.

Mid-this year, she started having a dream about a person putting blue pellets in porridge.

“This dream really confused me. I could not understand it since I don’t sell porridge. The dream was persistent and for nearly a month, I could not have peace. As the dream kept on reappearing, the face of the person with the pills became clearer. It was June. In my last dream, she served a customer with the porridge and they died in my dream. I immediately knew the dream was a warning,” said Naomi.

She contacted city council officers, but they said they needed strong evidence, so they took a sample of the porridge for testing. But they were very sceptical and only ran the tests after Naomie became incessant.

True to her word, the uji power tested positive for Viagra. It also came as a shocker that the uji also had traces of bhang.

The city council officers did not act immediately, they sent a spy through whom, they were able to get videos of June crushing the pills into the uji power before serving customers. She was arrested and charged.

“I hope we are now going to have safer food around. This was not a good thing. Many people have taken this porridge without knowing its contents; what if some have developed illnesses? This is bad, thanks to Mugwenu Doctors and their charms that helped Naomi see the enemy,” said Emanuel, a boda boda rider and lover of uji power.

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