Wedding Cancelled As Groom Goes Mad On D-Day, Leaves Bride In Tears

Elgeyo Marakwet: A sleepy village in Kapsowar witnessed drama when a groom who was being dressed for his big day walked out of his house and started talking to himself. Chumba was set to marry Nelly on November 10, the same day he was struck by madness, throwing everyone who was looking forward to the day into disarray. Soon after the vehicles that had been hired to shuttle the groom and his family to a nearby church arrived, Chumba dashed out of the dressing room.

“Everyone just assumed that he was happy and acting out of anxiety,” said James, one of his groomsmen. It dawned on them that all was not well when Chumba picked up a stone and hurled it at the hired TX, missing the driver by a whisker.

Groom struck by mysterious madness

He then rolled in a mud puddle, ruining his expensive suit that had just been unwrapped. He then undressed, remaining only with socks and his innerwear, and ran away.

 “We tried following him, but he was too fast. We called a boda boda guy to follow him. But he disappeared into the market, and nobody saw him for a week,” his mother said.

On the day he disappeared, the bridal team was ready and had just parked at a nearby school, about a kilometre from the venue, waiting to be signalled to drive to the official venue.

The bride, Nelly, was shocked and became an emotional wreck when the news was broken to her. She requested to be driven to the church, where she waited at the door, perhaps hoping that Chumba would be okay and return so they could tie the knot.

For 24 hours, she waited but nobody showed up. Her relatives later dragged her home for food and some rest. Two weeks later, Chumba was nabbed by authorities after he was found destroying windscreens of old cars in Eldoret town.

Mad groom Arrested in Eldoret

How he arrived in the city of Champions remains a mystery, but he possibly walked there or hitched a ride in a sand or garbage truck.

He was taken to rehab, and the news reached his mother, who wanted to change the situation. She remembered seeing an advert about Mugwenu Doctors who said they use long-applied traditional methods to cure madness, drive away evil spirits, and destroy evil eye and black magic.

“For the two weeks I had even called in the priest, counsellors but there was no peace. So I called Mugwenu doctors on phone number +254740637248 and booked an appointment with them the following day. That is how I found myself in Majengo, Vihiga county at the offices of Mugwenu Doctors where I consulted with them,” the woman said.

The herbalists looked into the situation, and by using powers, they found out that Chumba was under an evil spell. A dangerous spirit that was sent to him with the intent of destroying his marriage.

Can black magic and evil eye cause madness, other curses?

A cleansing ritual was done and the woman was told that her son would be okay and to expect a call from a stranger. After two days, Chumba’s mom received a call from a woman who claimed to be Chumba’s ex.

She claimed strange voices were telling her to confess.

She claimed that her body had swollen all over.

“Please forgive me for what I did to your son, I used black magic on him since he dumped me and went for Nelly two years ago. Please forgive me, I can’t survive in this pain and voices in my head,” Chumba’s mom recalled what the woman told her, adding that the woman’s mother took over the phone and continued to beg for forgiveness on behalf of her daughter.

According to Mugwenu, once the stranger confessed their sins in public, their pain would end and this came to pass.

 On the same day, she received a call from the psychiatric ward that Chumba was normal again and that he was even asking how he ended up there.

He was released on 7th December after medics confirmed that he was indeed okay. Chumba reunited with his lover and they have started plans to organise for the wedding again, but their parents have urged them not to rush.

The reunion stands as a testament to the many lives Mugwenu Doctors continue to change and save across East Africa.

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