SDA Pastor in Tears as Mchele Babe Steals Ksh 500k Offering After Night of Passion

By now, you may have seen the viral picture of a lady wearing a T-shirt warning men about taking home potential thieves. The message on the T-shirt emphasises that sleep after a night of passion is usually very heavy and advises men to consider an honest woman if they choose to take someone home

Donholm – This appears to be a lesson that Pastor Johnathan*, known for his sweet, melodic voice and hard-hitting sermons, had yet to learn, and he learned it the hard way. Pastor Johnathan, who is unmarried and has a soft spot for women, often takes ladies of the night home to satisfy his desires. On this particular occasion, he drove through River Road in Nairobi to pick a lady of his liking. After agreeing to the terms, they drove home for some quality time, as he lives in Donholm.

Typically, the lady would stay overnight and leave the following day to avoid arousing suspicion from neighbours who know the man of God. However, this time, the lady seemed nice and innocent but turned out to be the wrong one.

She quietly left the house while the pastor was deep in sleep, stealthily ransacked through his belongings, took one of his phones, and KSh 500,000 from the safe.

“I did not hear anything. I was deep asleep. I never expected such behaviour, especially since I paid her KSh 15,000, which is way more than she would have made that day,” the pastor said. He added that the money had been collected in church the previous Saturday and was intended for buying a music system for the local church.

Fearing that involving the police would attract unwarranted attention and tarnish his name, the pastor reached out to a close confidant, who connected him with Mugwenu Doctors of +254740637248, known for their expertise in catching thieves using ancient spells.

The herbalists swiftly intervened to save face for the respected preacher, casting spells to catch thieves and recover lost items.

The following day, the lady called the pastor in tears, claiming her stomach had grown excessively big, her privates were oozing pus, and voices were directing her to return the stolen money.

She asked the pastor to come for his money since she couldn’t walk and was smelly.

The pastor took a taxi to Kinoo, where the lady stays, and successfully collected his money. However, the lady had used KSh 15,000 to buy a phone.

“This was no big deal; I could easily cover the difference. I don’t know what I would have done were it not for Mugwenu Doctors. They saved me big time. The church would have expelled me and handed me to the police over the KSh 500k. I thank God for people like Mugwenu Doctors who are helping humanity,” he said, adding that he would be more careful in the future about letting anyone enter his house.

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