Kenyan Man Ignites Social Media After Posing With 2 Pregnant Women In Photo-shoot

Bungoma A man from Kenya has shared pictures of his two heavily pregnant wives. Jared Okemo, a resident of Bungoma, posted those pictures, revealing that all his sweethearts became pregnant at the same time and scans have shown they would give birth around the same date. Okemo’s post has attracted questions, wonder and a bit of hatred in almost equal measure.

Here are some of the comments we sampled:

“How does a man manage to handle two pregnant women with moods?” one wrote on Facebook.  “I remember seeing a story of another man with three pregnant wives, I could not believe it,” read a reaction on X.  “Now, this is being a real man. I want to be like you,” another replied.

“Na hii Uchumi na bei ya pampers, siwezi, wangu mmoja ametosha,” a man wrote. (With this economy and the price of diapers, I can’t, one is enough for me.)

“This is a selfish man, why not have one woman so that another man can have the other? Not cool bro,” added another one.  As the post continued to gain attention, Jared sought to reply to some of the comments he saw needed his response.

He clarified that he had the ability to take care of the two wives, adding that he was going to add another one soon to warm his bed.

“Let me set the record straight. I am capable enough to care for them. I have been blessed with money. These women love me, I love them, I provide fully, they don’t lack anything. For your information, we sleep in the same king-size bed. I will be a responsible father. I will add another wife if I want. For your information, I have paid heavy dowry for all of them and even the one I intend to add, I will marry her in a traditional wedding and pay her dowry in full,” he responded.

However, one comment that caught his eye was from a man who asked him how he managed to tame the two women.

Spells to control spouses

The man claimed that he had tried to marry a second wife, but his first wife could not let him.

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The man later asked for how to contact Mugwenu Doctors and Okemo provided him with their contacts.

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According to Okemo, he will be there when his two wives give birth. His prayer is to have the duo give birth at the same time so that they can support each other through the process.

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