Kisumu Wedding Ends in Chaos as Human Finger Is Found in Cake

Kisumu – Denis and Amondi are popular bakers who live in Kisumu City in an estate called Car Wash. They started their bakery 10 years ago, and it has grown in leaps and bounds. They currently have a cake shop in Kisumu CBD and have employed 13 people.

Life was sweet until a fateful wedding delivery in February 2023 turned their world upside down. A cake intended to amplify joy at a wedding organized in Mamboleo harbored an unthinkable horror – a human finger.

As news of the gruesome discovery spread like wildfire, the couple’s bakery, once bustling with customers, turned into a dreaded place. People even started associating Denis and Amondi with the Illuminati and cultism.

The wedding reception in Mamboleo had turned into a nightmare, and the newlyweds didn’t hesitate to launch a smear campaign against the bakers. Local news outlets fuelled the scandal, leaving the two drowning in public disgrace.

After the scandal, customers deserted the bakery like rats fleeing a sinking ship. Rent and bills piled up, pushing them to the brink of closure.

Desperation led them to Mugwenu Doctors, renowned traditional healers with the key to turning fortunes around. Mugwenu Doctors blessed their products with a secret ingredient – an enchantment that made their cakes irresistibly delicious. But this was not enough since they had no customers following the explosive scandal.

What are customer attraction spells?

Mugwenu Doctors visited her bakery and performed a cleansing ritual to attract customers, and it worked. As if touched by magic, the aroma of their baked goods became an irresistible lure, drawing customers back like bees to freshly blossoming flowers.

Most of the customers, even those who mocked them following the incident, seem to have forgotten about it.

“They usually pass by in the morning for some cupcakes as they head to work,” Amondi says.

Business Expansion Spells

The couple’s luck took a turn for the better when they landed a lucrative deal to bake 15 cakes. The cakes were ordered by a popular prophet from Migori for the grand opening of his mansion he had just completed building. This was one of the biggest and most lucrative single-day orders in their baking history.

“We had to use our Noah Van to deliver the cakes to Migori. Delivery was the most difficult part since the cakes are delicate and could be messed up during long-distance delivery. But we made it. I won’t reveal the amount we were paid, but what I can say…it was good money,” said Amondi.

The couple is now set to open a new branch in Luanda to serve parts of Kisumu, Vihiga, Siaya and Kakamega counties, all thanks to Business expansion spells by Mugwenu Doctors.

How do love spells work?

But Mugwenu’s intervention didn’t stop there. The couple’s relationship had been strained after the cake incident. They were blaming each other over the incident that brought them shame.

Mugwenu gifted them with love spells that strengthened their connection, reminding them of the love that had brought them together in the first place.

He gave them special pedants. Amondi wore hers as a necklace. Since Denis doesn’t like necklaces, Mugwenu Doctors gave him a special talisman from their collection of Magic Rings that he puts in his wallet.

“We feel more connected; the love is even stronger. I see her looking more beautiful than the first time we met 15 years ago. I always want to be with her forever. This woman is mine; I will never leave her. Aki thank you, Mugwenu Doctors,” Denis narrated.

What are business protection spells and charms?

The mysterious traditional healer didn’t confine his assistance to the couple’s personal lives; when he paid a visit to their bakery, he showed up with special herbs for business protection. Mugwenu said the protection spell will keep away thieves and competitors and also prevent harmful incidents. Using a special ritual, he cleansed the shop from the lingering bad energy that had haunted it since the scandal.

As the spell continued to take effect, one of the employees came to confess. The 32-year-old woman said she was given the finger by a competitor who saw Denis and Amondi’s bakery as a threat to their existence in the baking business.

“Alisema atanipea kazi kwa bakery yake after nimeangusha biashara yako. (They promised me a job in their bakery after I managed to collapse this one). I am sorry, forgive me,” the woman wept in uttermost remorse.

She was forgiven, but Amondi dismissed her with the promise of not taking legal action against her.

As the couple’s success story unfolded, Mugwenu Doctors emerged as the beacon of hope for those battling bad omens in their businesses.


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