How Missing Girl Was Rescued from Perverted Teacher by Miracle Spell

A Form 3 student who was reported missing for one month since schools closed has finally been found after a long and desperate search. The girl, whose name is withheld for her privacy, had vanished without a trace after she left her home in Eldoret to visit her aunt in Nakuru. 

Her parents had tried everything to locate her, from reporting to the police to seeking help from relatives and friends, but to no avail. Even the police were finding it hard to trace the girl, as there was no clue or evidence of her whereabouts.

I Will Help You Pass KCSE

The girl was found in the company of a 58-year-old man between Salgaa and Nakuru en route to Nairobi. The old man, who turned out to be the girl’s class teacher, was defiling the young one, saying he would spoil her with money and also help pay her school fees. 

He had lured her with false promises of helping her pass KCSE and securing her a bright future. He had also threatened to harm her and her family if she ever tried to escape or expose him.

Find Missing Person Spell

The car they were travelling in broke down just near a roadblock. The engine failure was as a result of intervention by Mugwenu Doctors, who had cast a missing person spell just that morning. 

The girl’s mother had contacted them after she heard about their powerful and effective services from a friend. She had lost hope of ever finding her daughter, but she decided to give it a try as a last resort.

The Confrontation

When the vehicle stopped, smoke billowing from the hood, bystanders came to take a look and perhaps help. However, as the man and the girl interacted with the good Samaritans, they noticed something strange. 

The man claimed the girl was his daughter, but his story did not add up. The girl’s dressing was the sell out. She was skimpily dressed; this was not typical of an African dad and daughter. However, what brought the truth to light was that inside the car were liquor bottles. 

“In which African home will you find a daughter and father drinking the same alcohol and at the same place? This man is with a schoolgirl. Let him tell us the truth,” one of the men said, cornering the man.

The girl tried to protect the man, but everyone was annoyed by him. They sensed something was wrong and demanded to see their identification documents. The man could not produce any, and he became nervous and agitated. 

“He said he would talk to the finance department and make my name show zero balance. He also said he will get me special KCSE leakage,” the girl said.

The girl’s mother arrived at the scene alongside Mugwenu Doctors, who had tracked them down using their spell. They recognised the girl and the man, and they confronted them. It later emerged that the man was the girl’s class teacher. The girl had joined after telling her aunt’s she had gone to Nakuru city to braid her hair. He had been abusing her for a month, and he was planning to take her to Nairobi and sell her to a brothel.

The Justice

The bystanders beat him up before he was handed over to the police, and the girl was handed to her parents, thanks to Mugwenu Doctors, who had saved her life. The girl was traumatised and needed counselling, but she was grateful to be reunited with her family. The man was arrested and is set to be charged with kidnapping, defilement, and human trafficking. He will undoubtedly face a lengthy jail term for his heinous crimes.

The Solution

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