AG Muturi Raises Concern Over Office Autonomy Amid State Appointments

Attorney General Justin Muturi has voiced his concerns about being sidelined in critical decision-making, such as the appointments of senior government officers and legislative matters. Appearing before the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC), Muturi highlighted instances where the Public Service Commission (PSC) made appointments in his office without his knowledge, leading to demoralisation among staff and affecting service implementation.

Muturi emphasised the need for the Attorney General’s office to have more autonomy and independence, citing the need for a board to assist in the appointment, promotion, and disciplinary matters within the State Law Office. He expressed dismay over the appointments of individuals from other government institutions to positions within his office, which hindered opportunities for internal growth among staff.

Muturi also revealed his lack of involvement in critical legislative matters, such as the national government’s Miscellaneous Amendment Bill, raising concerns about transparency and consultation within the government. Despite these challenges, Muturi assured the committee that he remained committed to his role and affirmed his well-being, dismissing speculations of internal conflicts as part of the democratic process.

The statements made by Muturi prompted questions from MPs regarding the effectiveness of his office and raised concerns about potential sabotage, to which Muturi responded affirmatively and reassured his dedication to his duties.