Kenya Tourism Board Partners With County Governments To Boost Tourism

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) has launched a strategic partnership initiative with county governments aimed at unlocking the tourism potential across the country. This collaborative effort involves a comprehensive mapping framework designed to catalogue all tourist attractions nationwide, to revitalize the tourism sector and enhance visitor experiences.

 Through these partnerships, KTB will closely collaborate with all 47 counties to identify unique selling propositions that will elevate tourism experiences and stimulate domestic tourism. The initiative aims to establish diverse product segments and offer a wide range of experiences to both domestic and international tourists.

 County governments, under the leadership of governors, have actively participated in voicing the attractions and hidden gems within their regions. This collaboration not only highlights areas with potential for development but also attracts investments to these local regions. The partnership seeks to position Kenya as a year-round tourism destination, offering 365 days of unique experiences.

 Governors, known for their influence and knowledge of local areas, play a pivotal role in this collaboration. KTB aims to leverage their insights to powerfully package and promote these destinations to the right target audiences, both domestically and internationally.