MP Oscar Sudi Sounds Alarm Over Distribution Of Subsidized Fertilizer By (NCPB)

In a passionate address to congregants at the AIC Fellowship Annex church, Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi sounded the alarm on corrupt practices plaguing the distribution of subsidized fertilizer by the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB). Mr Sudi’s concern was targeted at the prevalence of cartels within the NCPB whom he accused of preying on farmers by extorting bribes.

 Specifically, Sudi highlighted the troubling situation at the Lessos NCPB, where farmers reportedly face coercion to pay bribes in exchange for access to government-subsidised fertiliser. He condemned these acts as undermining the government’s efforts to support agricultural development, particularly at a time when access to affordable fertiliser is crucial for farmers.

 The MP’s remarks come amidst growing frustrations among farmers, who are forced to endure long queues at NCPB outlets, prompting some to resort to paying extra fees to expedite the acquisition of fertiliser. This added financial burden exacerbates the challenges faced by farmers, particularly as the planting season approaches.

 In response to Sudi’s concerns, Kesses MP Julius Ruto echoed the call for urgent intervention to address the shortage of subsidised fertiliser. Ruto emphasised the need for swift action to alleviate the hardships faced by farmers and ensure a smooth planting season.