Health CS Susan Nakhumicha Claims Doctor’s Strike Is Sabotaging Her Work 

By The Weekly Vision Team

As the doctors’ strike continues, it is now evident that the political elite have forsaken workers in the health sector with Health Cabinet Secretary (CS) Susan Nakhumicha now claiming that the strike is part of a plan to sabotage her efforts to develop the health sector.

It is now apparent that the doctors and other health workers have recognised the absence of Azimio leader Raila Odinga from the local political scene as he prioritises his campaign for the African Union Commission chairmanship.

According to analysts, Mr Odinga’s active engagement on the local political scene would have made him join forces with other like-minded leaders to push President Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza administration into finding a peaceful resolution to the doctors’ predicaments. Had he been present, the entire opposition under Azimio would have been capable of orchestrating a nationwide strike in solidarity with the striking doctors. 

In his absence, no opposition leader has come forward to join the striking doctors or even issued a statement urging the government to address the issues raised. As a gesture of solidarity, Mr Raila Odinga stood in unity with the striking doctors during the 2017 doctors’ strike at Uhuru Park. His purpose was to offer his support and assist them in exerting pressure on the leadership of then-President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Jubilee administration. 

The irrefutable truth is that Kenya’s opposition, without Odinga, has been rendered completely impotent, ineffective, and as dead as a dodo. As a result, the government will have an upper hand in the absence of a vibrant opposition. The effects of Odina’s absence are already noticeable, even though he has only temporarily stepped away to focus on his campaigns. 

What would then be the outcome on the local scene if he were to achieve his goal and establish himself in Adis Ababa? In all honesty, the opposition will encounter immense difficulties in effectively performing their oversight duties in his absence. Whether Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka or Narc-Kenya leader Martha Karua have the necessary qualities to succeed Odinga as the opposition leader remains unanswered, leaving much room for speculation.

Kenyans eagerly await a statement from Kalonzo Musyoka or Martha Karua regarding the doctors’ strike. They are expected to issue ultimatums to the government, release statements, and rally their supporters to engage in peaceful demonstrations in support of the doctors. The consequences of Raila Odinga’s absence from the local political arena will weigh heavily on Kenyans.