NG-CDF CEO Urges Counties To Develop Strategic Plans For Funds Utilization

Mr Yusuf Mbuno, the CEO of the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF), has called upon NG-CDF committees across the country to establish strategic plans for the effective and efficient use of public funds. Speaking at the launch of the Manyata NGCDF strategic plan at Nembure Grounds in Embu County, Mbuno emphasized the importance of having a clear five-year plan for the prudent allocation of resources.

Mbuno highlighted that the national government has already implemented its strategic plan, and it is imperative for all government agencies, including NG-CDF, to follow suit. He underscored the need for transparency and accountability in the utilization of public funds, urging NG-CDF committees to prioritize projects that will have a significant impact on communities.

In a bid to support education initiatives, Manyatta MP Gitonga Mukunji, in collaboration with the National NGCDF Board, distributed bursary checks totalling 56 million Kenyan shillings to secondary schools through the Masomo Bila Stress program. Mukunji emphasized the importance of alleviating the financial burden on schools and enhancing infrastructure to create a conducive learning environment for students.

“The cost of education is exorbitant, and it is essential to leverage government resources to support our children’s education,” Mukunji stated. “Today, we are not only encouraging the prudent use of NG-CDF funds but also investing in our children’s future. The initiative aims to foster collaboration between stakeholders in the education sector and promote community involvement in educational development.