Elsie Muhanda To Vie For Kakamega County Gubernatorial Seat In 2027

By Andanje Wakhungu

Kakamega County Women’s Representative Elsie Muhanda has declared her intentions to vie for the Kakamega County gubernatorial position in the next elections, claiming that the current county leadership is ineffective. She alleged the current system is unprofessional and has subjected the residents to poor service delivery.

She spoke in Mugai Shirugu Ward in the Malava sub-county, where she presided over a fund drive in support of the Shirumugu Widows’ Women Groups, pointing out that Kakamega county was in a mess as a result of the poor management style of the current regime. “We have no major issues with the current leadership, but as you can see, all is not well, and our once-thriving county has now gone to the dogs.

It is for this reason that I’m here to declare my candidature for governor in 2027. I know my development record speaks for itself. I will support the current county leadership for now, but come election time, we shall also exercise our women’s power considering that our male counterparts have been in control of the county for the last three five-year terms.

Through my National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF), I have been able to send teen mothers back to schools, empower small and micro-enterprise women’s businesses, drill water boreholes in each ward, distribute umbrellas to market business women, give out tents and chairs to different women groups, issue water tanks to over 20 schools in the subcounty, and issue out planting seeds to women groups. I know the needs are many, but my office allocation is not enough at the moment, but I promise to do more if elected governor in the coming election.”.

She said it was time for the women to stand up and be counted on matters of development, especially where their male counterparts failed. Muhanda called on the women to rally behind her, noting that, despite them being the majority voters in the county, their interests are never fully addressed by the male elected leaders.

“We have voted for our brothers to lead us, and we have seen that the seat has become too big for them to comfortably occupy. Women have the capacity and zeal to steer our country ahead; just like all mothers, women are gifted when it comes to taking care of all. 

She said widows were facing challenges in life ranging from discrimination, property inheritance, and isolation after declining to be inherited by the deceased kin. She reiterated that once she assumes the office of Kakamega governor, she will put in place proper mechanisms to address their plight.

She applauded the area MCA, Peter Wanami, for his bid to bring together the 711 widows through their 35 women groups, acknowledging that unity of purpose was paramount in empowering them economically.

Appreciating her generous donation, Shirumuga women’s group chair lady Everline Juma assured Ms Muhanda that women in the county will stand with her to marshal votes for her in the next elections. During the event, a total of Ksh. 292,570 was raised, with Ms Muhanda donating Ksh. 100,000, Malava MP Malulu Injendi, and MCA Peter Wanami giving out Ksh. 50,000 and 30,000, respectively.