Raila Odinga Pushes Sister To Become Kisumu Governor In 2027

By The Weekly Vision Reporter

A scheme to crown Ruth Odinga as Governor of Kisumu County in 2027 is in motion. Sources hinted to The Weekly Vision that ODM party leader Raila Odinga has devised an intricate scheme to propel his sister, Ruth Odinga, currently serving as Kisumu Women Representative, to replace governor Anynag’ Nyong’o in 2027. 

Our sources say that Mr Odinga’s elder brother, Siaya Senator Dr Oburu Odinga, is planning to retire from politics when his term comes to an end in 2027, which means Ruth Odinga will be the only member of the Lager Odinga family who will still be actively involved in politics. To this end, Ruth has received the endorsement from the Odinga family to run for the Kisumu gubernatorial seat. 

The scheme has already been validated following Ruth Odinga’s declaration to run for the top political seat in Kisumu. Her candidacy has stirred up political tension, with the other potential candidates expressing concerns about being pressured by the party to back her candidacy. Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor, who was previously perceived to be Raila Odinga’s preferred candidate for the seat, has slowed down his political activities and gubernatorial campaigns. Mr Aduma is cognizant of the fact that, with Raila Odinga’s backing, the ODM party ticket is already gone with Ruth.

Mr Aduma is said to be considering the option of joining Ruth as a running mate or, in a worst-case scenario, defending his Nyakach parliamentary seat or the senatorial seat. Dr Mathews Owili, the Deputy Governor of Kisumu, who had previously shown interest in the gubernatorial seat, will need to go back to the drawing board and devise a fresh political strategy. Should Owili wish to maintain his political relevance in Kisumu county politics after having served as Anynag’ Nyong’o‘s deputy for two terms, the Nyakach MP seat appears to be the safest choice, provided Mr Aduma agrees to be Ruth’s deputy. Both Aduma and Owili hail from Nyakach.

Nonetheless, there are speculations that Kisumu Governor Anynag’ Nyong’o, who is currently serving his final term, is contemplating contesting as Kisumu Senator in 2027. If he decides to enter the race, both Aduma and Owili will face significant challenges in defeating him, considering his remarkable achievements as the governor of Kisumu. 

Joshua Oron, the Member of Parliament for Kisumu Central, found himself in a difficult situation when he expressed his desire to succeed Nyong’o. Despite initially showing strong determination, his momentum decreased significantly after Ruth announced her candidacy for the same seat.

Kisumu senator Prof. Tom Ojienda, who has also declared his interest in running for the same office, is currently facing challenges after defecting from ODM to President William Ruto’s UDA party. Like Aduma and Owili, Mr. Ojienda also hails from Nyakach Constituency.

It has been reported that Nyando MP Jared Okelo, a close associate of Raila Odinga, is currently seeking guidance on his political plans. Despite initially showing interest in the governorship, his campaign progress is said to have been hindered by Ruth’s candidacy.