President Ruto’s Secret Hand In The Formation Of Maasai Party Ahead Of 2027

By The Weekly Vision Reporter

A serious political maneuver is underway among the top political players in the two Maasai counties of Kajiado and Narok in anticipation of the 2027 elections, with Governor Joseph Ole Lenku’s plans of establishing a political party for the community at advanced levels. Ole Lenku’s plan has reignited a fierce political rivalry with State House Comptroller Katoo Ole Metito, who is actively persuading his supporters to join President Ruto’s UDA party.

Credible sources indicate that President William Ruto is in support of Ole Lenku’s proposal; he plans to persuade the party’s highest-ranking officials to align with his UDA party to gain full control over the two counties.  The two counties of Kajiado and Narok decisively voted for the Azimio coalition and its presidential aspirant, Raila Odinga, in the last presidential elections. President Ruto plans to exploit all the available avenues to take charge of the two counties, and for him to attain his goal, his inner circle is allegedly funding Ole Lenku’s plan. The party is expected to work closely with the president’s UDA party once registered.

State House Comptroller Katoo Ole Metito. Courtesy

Initially, there was a suggestion that it was Raila Odinga who was behind the formation of the party to rival the UDA in the two counties; however, sources have told our reporter that Governor Ole Lenku could be working alongside President Ruto to undermine Raila Odinga’s ODM in the region. Governor Ole Lenku is currently serving his last term and could be seeking a favourable landing spot in President Ruto’s government after 2027, should he succeed in securing a second term as president. 

Political analysts have speculated that Ole Lenku is aiming for a ministerial position in Ruto’s government after the 2027 elections. Given his previous tenure as Cabinet Secretary in the Jubilee Government, the governor is confident in his ability to make a successful return to the cabinet. Political observers in the Maa region indicate that Ole Metito is fully aware of the risk of losing political relevance in Maasai politics if Ole Lenku succeeds in forming a party with President Ruto’s endorsement.

Ole Metito and Ole Lenku vied against each other in the 2022 elections for the Kajiado county gubernatorial race, with Ole Lenku emerging victorious after garnering 117,600 votes on the ODM party ticket, while Ole Metito received 111,275 votes. David Nkedienye of the Jubilee Party garnered 75,337 votes. Other reports suggest that Ole Lenku could be planning to vie for the Kajiado senatorial seat in 2027 under the new Maa party.

In a notable move, former governor Nkedienye has defected from the Jubilee Party and aligned himself with the UDA party. Joining him in this transition is Moses Sakuda, a former Jubilee Party MP. Furthermore, Elijah Memusi, the MP for Kajiado Central, has expressed his support for President Ruto and his UDA party. He has dared the ODM party, which took him to parliament to take action and expel him from their party. 

It is essential to take note that during the last elections, the ODM party successfully secured three MP seats and eight Member of County Assembly (MCA) seats. In contrast, the UDA party emerged triumphant in two constituencies, 13 MCA positions, as well as the Senator and Woman Representative Seats, with the Jubilee Party being limited to only two MCA seats.