DP Gachagua’s Allies Ramp Up Opposition To Finance Bill 2024

By The Weekly Vision Reporter

President William Ruto is treading cautiously over the Finance Bill 2024 debate to avoid further fallouts with his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, according to a source. A faction of MPs linked to the DP had threatened to block the bill if certain changes were not made before it was introduced on the floor of parliament.

According to pundits, some of the MPs in the DP’s camp were heard threatening to collaborate with the Azimio-allied MPs to reject the bill. It is worth noting that the Kenya Kwanza administration faces a significant decline in popularity in the Mount Kenya region following the passage of the initial finance bill in 2023. The uprising against the Kenya Kwanza administration in the Mount Kenya region was triggered by the contentious Finance Bill 2023, which the MPs from the region supported in large numbers. To avoid making the same error, the Deputy President has decided to heed the voices of his people in support of the ‘one man, one vote, one shilling’ mantra.

The MPs in the DP camp, now labelled ‘Tanga Tanga, are not holding back; they have openly stated that they will oppose the bill if certain sections are not amended. The plan by the MPs has sparked curiosity among political analysts, who are questioning whether they are acting on clear instructions from the DP himself or exercising their judgment, with some credible sources suggesting that the MPs are driven by a vengeful agenda against President Ruto over alleged marginalizing.

There are also suspicions in the president’s camp that his deputy is plotting to wrest control of the Mount Kenya region from their grip. Other reports suggest that the division among the Mount Kenya MPs is so significant, with many openly aligning themselves with either President Ruto or DP Gachagua. A brief analysis reveals the number of Gachagua-aligned MPs, as well as the Azimio-allied MPs, who are likely to succeed in opposing the bill. The DP’s decision to secretly rally some MPs against the bill raises the question of his underlying intention; however, the prevailing narrative implies that he has attentively listened to the concerns of the people of Mount Kenya and now aims to align his stance accordingly.

This is seen as a way to send a clear message to the president that the people from the region are discontented and should not be taken lightly. As a result, the DP will use anti-finance bill tactics to create a sense of despondence within President Ruto’s camp to make him realize he needs the DP more to sustain some form of popularity among the communities in the region. 

There is talk surfacing online regarding the possibility of President Ruto replacing his running mate in 2027. The talks may have prompted the Deputy President to incite his allies into opposing the bill to secure his position as the running mate in the next election. The question that arises is: how does he intend to enforce this decision on Ruto?

There are speculations that the DP intends to use the finance bill as an exit strategy. According to reliable sources, MPs allied to the DP will oppose the bill, leading the president and his close circle to consider them rebels and try to oust them from the mainstream UDA party, which would then serve as the genesis of their eventual separation.