UDA Party SG Claims NGOs Have Infiltrated 2024 Finance Bill Demos

The ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party now claims a section of politicians and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have infiltrated the ongoing youth-led anti-government protests with their selfish agendas. UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala said that despite the protests being largely non-aligned in the initial stages, political interests have now crept in and taken over, leading to chaos and anarchy.

He hence urged the country’s investigative agencies to round up and bring to book individuals he said have been sponsoring violence and looting of businesses across the country under the guise of participating in the demonstrations.

“We note with sadness that certain egocentric individuals within the political class and some NGOs have infiltrated the demonstrations, hijacking it for their selfish goals. The tone of the Gen Z demonstrations was clearly nonpolitical and non-ethnicized. It is a shame that certain rejected political figures are hoping to reap political capital from this state of affairs,” he stated.

“We call upon the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) to expedite their investigations into the violent incidents that marred the demonstrations. We specifically urge these agencies to identify and prosecute the financiers, sponsors, and perpetrators responsible for funding the goons who infiltrated the peaceful protests, resulting in violence and looting.”

While condoling with families that have lost their loved ones during the protests, Malala went ahead to call for action against rogue police officers found to have employed unnecessary excesses in carrying out their mandates, thereby engaging in professional misconduct and negligence.

He, in the same vein, commended police officers who have upheld the law and exercised restraint in the face of provocation by some of the rogue protesters.

“We urge the police to intensify their efforts in protecting the lives and property of all citizens during such events. It is imperative that law enforcement agencies ensure the safety and security of everyone, maintaining peace and order in our communities,” said the UDA Secretary General.

“We thank the Gen Z demonstrators for their efforts to remain peaceful and urge them to be extra vigilant against individuals who seek to distort their cause with wanton looting and destruction of property. Your commitment to non-violence is crucial, and we assure you that the Government is listening to your voices and concerns.”