Raila Odinga Says The Full Judgment By Kenya’s Supreme Court On The 2022 Presidential Petition Is “Hot Air”

Following the release of the full judgment by the Apex Court on the seven consolidated petitions one of which was filed by Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Presidential candidate Raila Odinga and his running mate Martha Karua last Monday, the two have finally responded, indicating their discontent with the ruling.

“We find no material difference between the summary judgment (and the judgment) that the Supreme Court read on September 5, 2022”, the two said in a statement. They castigated the court‘s findings arguing that the decision of the seven judges lacked merit.

“In our view, and we feel entitled to use the language of the Court the full decision lacks merit and is plainly “hot air.” We accordingly reiterate our objections to the reasoning of the judges. It lacks integrity in both fact and law, and is not grounded in any discernible logic,” the statement read. The Supreme Court in their judgment however offered reforms to the IEBC noting a few administrative concerns. This decision did not sit well with the Azimio team.  “The supreme court established the illegal conduct of Wafula Chebukati. On the other hand, the court overlooks this critical finding and excuses Chebukati despite the glaring violations of the constitution and the law. This was sufficient ground to nullify the election.”

They said in a statement that the court failed to satisfy a fair trial as it disregarded evidence of illegal conduct by Venezuelans aside from also disregarding technology failures and Smartmatic, the firm that provided the election technology. They now claim that the Apex Court subverted the will of the people of Kenyans.

“The language directed at us sounded as that of an opponent and not an impartial arbiter. In our judgment, the ruling lacks jurisprudential value. The election result is wholly illegitimate”. The two have however called on Kenyans to not lose faith in the fight for democracy. “We call on Kenyans to not lose faith in the fight for democracy. We assure them that we will continue to pursue justice.”

Story By Lavin Atieno

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