Azimio Demands CS Nakhumicha’s Resignation Over The Doctors’ Strike

Azimio La Umoja coalition has called for the resignation of Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha over the doctors’ strike threats from the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU). The demand follows delays in addressing doctors’ demands, as highlighted by National Assembly Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi.

Mr Wandayi emphasized that Nakhumicha’s failure to expedite the release of funds for healthcare workers reflects a lack of commitment, warranting her resignation. The impending strike notice issued by KMPDU has raised concerns about the potential impact on healthcare services across the country.

With the commencement of the strike, KMPDU Secretary General Davji Atellah urged solidarity in the fight for improved working conditions. Despite efforts to resolve grievances through dialogue, the union remains adamant due to perceived government apathy towards addressing critical issues affecting healthcare professionals.

Among the demands outlined by KMPDU are salary increments, promotions, medical insurance coverage, postgraduate fee payment, study leave, and justice for Dr. Davji Atellah, the Union’s Secretary General who was injured during a protest earlier this year.

Echoing KMPDU’s sentiments, Azimio La Umoja leaders underscored the urgency of addressing doctors’ concerns and criticized Nakhumicha’s dismissal of their demands as unrealistic. The coalition insists that the Ministry’s failure to address critical issues warrants decisive action, including the resignation of the Health Cabinet Secretary.

Despite Nakhumicha’s assertion regarding limitations in addressing certain demands, the escalating standoff underscores the need for swift and decisive action to avert disruptions in healthcare services and address the grievances of healthcare professionals.