Storm At Kitui Teachers Sacco As Members Invite EACC To Conduct Investigations Over Alleged Corruption Cases 

By The Weekly Vision Team

The once vibrant and thriving Kitui Teachers Sacco is facing the risk of collapsing due to corruption unless urgent measures are implemented to safeguard the hard-earned member funds. A weeklong Investigation by The Weekly Vision team reveals how all is not well at the Sacco with prevalent misuse of funds by the top management team. 

CEO Florence Mutua

Through a letter dated 7/3/2024 addressed to the Chairman of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, the members (names withheld) for fear of victimization and captioned “Request for investigations on corruption and embezzlement of funds at Kitui Teachers Sacco,” have invited officers from the EACC to initiate immediate investigations to save the Sacco from collapsing.

According to the contents of the letter, the top management stands accused of engaging in widespread corruption and unethical practices, causing the loss of millions of shillings. Allegations have been levelled against the chairman, Rev. Augustus Munuve, CEO Florence Mutua, and the treasurer, Muema Munyoki. 

Members also called on the EACC to conduct lifestyle audits on the top officials and pursue legal action against those deemed responsible. One of the projects that the management is allegedly scheming to use in siphoning members’ funds is the proposed construction of the Sacco’s headquarters expected to cost Ksh. 200 million. According to sources, the headquarters is to be built along the Kitui-Kibwezi road.

Some members claim the project is a white elephant well designed by the top management as an avenue to pocket hefty kickbacks from a handpicked contractor. The letter reads in part, “We are urgently calling upon the EACC to intervene and ensure the entire process is conducted transparently.”.

Another area of concern to members is FOSA where they have asked the EACC to carry out extensive investigations claiming there have been reported incidents of funds being misappropriated. The illegal activities have taken place at the head office and various branches. One question that members are now demanding an explanation for is how, according to audited accounts, the head office has been making profits while branches continue to declare losses.

Another area of interest where figures do not add up is Sacco’s asset base. According to a report presented to members during the last annual general meeting held on January 28, 2023, Sacco chairman Munuve reported that by the end of the year 2022, Sacco had an asset base of Ksh. 8,817,950,755, but this figure is being doubted by the members.

Insiders have also revealed that top officials of the Sacco have been employing their family members without adhering to the proper procedures of competitive staff recruitment. Credible sources have disclosed that whenever a vacancy arises, Sacco officials do not declare such openings publicly but rather opt to hire relatives, most of whom have no qualifications. 

Members are calling on the EACC to investigate the circumstances under which Florence Munuve and Mary Kitili Grace Kawia were employed as Sacco staff. The three are said to be relatives of the top management and were never recruited through a competitive process.