Auditor General Exposes Fuel Scam At Kajiado County

Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku’s administration has been exposed by the Auditor General in a Ksh. 15m fuel scam for the period between 2020/2021, according to the report, the county spent Ksh. 73,657,064 for fuel, oil and lubricants in the year 2020/2021. Examination of fuel consumption records maintained by the County Executive revealed that fuel amounting to Ksh.15, 101,027 was drawn by vehicles whose registration numbers were not documented.  Similarly, the review revealed that the Management has five (5) Generators which consumed fuel totalling Ksh. 2,231,667. However, the records provided did not indicate how much fuel each generator had consumed in the period under review.  In the circumstances, the accuracy, occurrence and regularity of the expenditure amounting to Ksh. 73,657,064 on fuel, oil and lubricants could not be ascertained.

The report further reveals how the county government procured three (3) polarize bikes in the financial year 2018/2019 which were to be used to assist in putting off fires in the slums.  However, they have never been utilized since they were procured, and no document was provided for audit to establish the cost and ownership status. In addition, they were not included in the list of the vehicles owned by the County Executive.

In the circumstances, the ownership, completeness, valuation and accuracy of the transport equipment amounting to Ksh. 630,758,466 could not be confirmed. Further, the County Executive tendered for the construction of a dormitory at Kitengela Boarding Primary School in Sholinke–Oloosikon Ward at a contract sum of Ksh. 2,992,464 for six months.

However, procurement records provided for audit were inadequate. Further, a site visit to the project in November 2021, revealed that no dormitory was constructed even though payment amounting to Ksh. 2,504,011 had been made.

The report further reveals that the management had not been remitting retirement contributions amounting to Ksh. 18,584,164 to various retirement schemes that serve the employees of the County Executive and its affiliated entities which include LAPFUND, LAPTRUST and CFP. The principal amounted to Ksh. 2,392,570 and interests amounted to Ksh. 16,191,594. This was contrary to the requirements of The National Treasury Circular No.14/2021 dated 28th October 2021 on failure to remit retirement contributions by County Governments.

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