The Kabras Community Of Kakamega County Cry Foul Over William Ruto’s Appointments

Residents of Malava in Kakamega County have expressed their dissatisfaction with the ongoing government appointments by President William Ruto claiming that they are being left out.  The residents stated that it was discouraging to learn that they were not being considered for any cabinet or principal secretary position despite the region voting overwhelmingly in favour of Kenya Kwanza.

Addressing the press in Malava town last week, the residents led by Evans Toboa, the charged political platform comprising of various elites drawn from the constituency, called on the president to consider them in the remaining appointments and to directly consult both Seth Panyako and Dr Beatrice Inyangala as their kingpins.

Mr Seth Panyako

 “We are equally perturbed by the manner Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi has taken over Malava affairs and taken the front seat in being awarded positions and yet it is we as United Democratic Alliance (UDA) members who voted in numbers for the President compared to (ANC) and hence we should be given priority when it comes to awarding positions”.  

Dr Beatrice Inyangala

They observed that the recent Cabinet and Principal Secretary’s nominations had sidelined the region contrary to their expectations that both Dr Betty Inyangala who contested in the last elections as the county deputy gubernatorial seat and Seth Panyako (UDA) who closely came second in the Malava legislative seat behind Malulu Injendi (ANC). Dr Betty Inyangala and Seth Panyako are our spokespersons who should be consulted when it comes to awarding positions.

On his part, Philip Soita made it clear that how ANC was sidelining UDA in Malava was shocking and hell-bent on bringing political animosity between the two political parties, all members of Kenya Kwanza.

We as UDA want the President whom we elected happily to directly consult our two leaders on which positions should be slotted for us and not generalize through Musalia Mudavadi as our leader, we have our firm representatives whom we have entrusted with our political affairs, and we will only adhere and heed to their directions, not any outsiders.

They unanimously blamed Musalia for taking credit for the Kabras people and rewarding the MCA nomination slots to his cronies whom they termed as not being typical Kabrasis. “Let President William Ruto intervene in this matter and ensure that the Kabras people are allocated some position in his government as a way of returning the favour for their votes, warning ANC brigades against shadowing UDA political operations within Malava and vowed to cut to size ANC political ambience currently being enjoyed by Musalia come 2027”.

By Andanje Wakhungu

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