Governor Sakaja Comes Under Fire Over Nairobi’s Poorly Maintained Drainage System

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has come under pressure from the residents of Nairobi to fulfill the promise of engaging the youths to unclog the drainage system within the City estates. Residents now claim that whenever it rains in Nairobi, as it has over the past few days and weeks, the city’s residential areas become filthy as the drainage systems are blocked leaving some of the city estates roads and walkways flooded.

Clogged drainage system within one of Nairobi’s estates

It has been observed that whenever it rains, residents experience filth, crumbling walls, crumbling houses, fallen trees, impassable roads, potholes turned into craters, flooded roundabouts, traffic jams, stranded commuters and stalled trucks due to the poor drainage system.

Last week, Mr Sakaja was told to use emergency funds to employ youths to unclog the drainage system or adopt the system used by the former Governor Mike Sonko where youths were employed to collect garbage, conduct clean ups and unclogged drainage systems within residential areas and even along major roads and highways.

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