Taxi Operators At Wilson Airport Complain Of Police Harassment

Taxi operators based at Nairobi’s Wilson Airport have lamented the return of widespread harassment by police officers stationed at the facility. Operators claim police officers stationed at the main entrance have formed a habit of demanding bribes from them or else.

This has led to frustration and anger among the drivers who feel they are being unfairly targeted. This has affected the taxi business at the airport, some of the drivers have resorted to directing customers to cancel their rides or walk from the nearby Shell Petrol Station instead of risking getting intimidated by the airport police.

But it is not only taxi operators who are being harassed by the airport police, even those who work at the airport say that even getting normal deliveries is a hustle. All drivers refuse to bring them to the office, asking recipients to walk from within the Wilson Airport zone to pick up their delivery at the Shell Petrol Station located metres away. The issue is particularly concerning as it is causing a reputation problem for Wilson Airport, which is a major transportation hub for Nairobi. The harassment experienced by taxi operators at Wilson Airport is even higher than at the larger Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The taxi drivers are calling for urgent action to address the situation, and for authorities to hold police officers accountable for their actions. It is not just the drivers who are suffering, but also customers and businesses that rely on Wilson Airport for transportation and deliveries.

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