Free Medical Camp For Motorbike Riders To Be Held In Malava Constituency Over The Weekend

By Andanje Wakhungu

Residents of Malava constituency will this weekend be treated to free medical and other government services courtesy of Kakamega Boda Boda Medical Ventures’ efforts of giving back to society initiative. The management of the Boda boda medical ventures has organized a free service delivery camp where the riders mainly from various Wards will receive fee checkups and diagnoses for various ailments as well as be able to receive government services which are normally offered at Huduma centre. The services on offer will include Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Ethics and Anticorruption Commission (EACC), and National Transport Services Authority (NTSA).

Boda Boda medical ventures officials

According to the Kakamega Boda Boda Medical Ventures Organizing Secretary Stephen Shitanda, the camp is one of its own in the Ward as it targets to not only educate the locals but also empower them on the importance of being responsible riders by having relevant documentation needed by the government. Most Boda riders unknowingly break the law partly because they lack the relevant documents and do not know the procedures on how to obtain them, it is through these camps that we are bringing more services closer to not only guide them but the public a well to be able to access them and learn the impotence of having such services and document on themselves.

“The camp which will kick off this Friday will benefit at least 500 people who will be able to access the services. We are bringing on board different stakeholders from the banking transport and medical fraternities to come o the ground and offer services to the locals who sometimes find it hard to access the services due to distance and lack of enough information on where to access them.” The secretary stated that they have already held one in Kakamega and will be moving to other counties to enlighten the masses on the importance of being self-reliant, and self-disciplined and developing a responsible culture among the riders and public as well.

On her part, the Boda boda Medical Venture Communication Officer Irine Mutinda added that the Boda boda trade was a huge income-generating venture that need to be streamlined by ensuring that the riders have the valid and needed documentation and their medical conditions are known as they interact with many people. We have brought medical services to ensure that our riders are safe from communicable diseases to ferry passengers and our young ones without the fear of them being infected and also it is good for their families. 

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