George Wajackoyah Blasts MCAs Claim Most Have No Idea Why They Were Elected 

By Andanje Wakhungu

Roots party leader George Wajackoyah has blasted members of the county assembly of Kakamega for their failure to deliver to the locals due to a lack of agenda. The politician was at a funeral in the Malava constituency where four family members lost their lives in a tragic road accident in Mayanja Kanduyi Bungoma County. The utterance left the members of the county assembly in attendance agitated after he termed most of them as empty-headed with no idea why they were elected to the county.

“It is a disgrace to see some of you MCA’s standing before us and begging for the governors assistance when you we elected by the people to represent them as their leader, you are weak and lack the capacity to deliver to your people at the ward level and I wonder why you are still calling yourself an MCA, go home and give space for those who can initiate development to the people, am telling you the electorates send home this lazy people you elected as your leaders and pick those who know what they are supposed to do in the assembly.”

Some of the MCAs present who were bashed by Wajackoyah/Photo Andanje Wakhungu

He was reacting to sentiments from the MCAs that the Kazi Mashinani recruitment exercise has been politicized with the governor and ODM cronies having an upper hand with the other recruits being asked for cash before being allowed to apply. The MCAs alleged that those recruiters claimed to be from the office of the governor with ODM diehards and those from the Barasa Foundation had special slots reserved for them for their political support.  

Mr Wajackoyah who also contested for the 2022 presidential election and lost after garnering 60,000 votes supported the leadership skills of Malava MP Malulu Injendi and urged the people to consider him for the third term.

Wajackoyah appreciated the police officers for their good work, especially during emergencies such as accidents as they are the first ones to arrive at the scene to rescue. He asked the National Service Intelligence Service (NSIS) to give the true report of Kenyans over the finance bill proposal adding that it was true Most Kenyans were being overtaxed by the current government.

“Stop cheating Ruto that all at the grass root level is okay and tell him the truth as most Kenyans are bitter with his style of leadership where he is imposing taxes on them without consultation, if it is passed then we will smoke bhang and demonstrate all over against it. He alleged that he garnered 2.8 Million votes in the last general election but his votes were stolen to a paltry 60,000 but vowed to contest come 2027 calling on the residents who are for his course to fully rally behind him.

The Kakamega governor Fernandes Barasa denied the allegations stating that the recruitment exercise had its own rules and regulations to be followed by the applicants where each ward has to provide 50 applicants, especially from the grass-root levels and less fortunate. The governor assured residents that plans for the municipality were in high gear and soon the sub-county will be receiving Ksh.500Million per year with more employment opportunities and resources created for the locals

He further indicated that plans were underway to set up an industrial park at the sub-county to spruce up the economy. On cane farming he suggested the formation of a sugar conference to address issues including illegal importation of cheap sugar, permitting and pricing to make the sector more lucrative and beneficial to the farmers.

We have tea and coffee conferences that address issues concerning them and it is we the Western leaders who come together have ours to salvage the sugar sector from both internal and external influences meant to financially maim our farmers.

Also present was Malava Mp Malulu who took a political swipe at Deputy Governor Ayub Savula over his earlier remarks to contest for the county top seat come 2027 asking him to shelve his ambitions to 2032 considering his young age. Savula in response assured Barasa that he will deputize him for the two terms before he seeks his blessings as the third county governor.

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