Governor Fernandez Barasa Faces Rebellion From Former Friends Turned Foe

By Andanje Wakhungu-For the first time since the advent of devolution, the holder in the office of Governor in Kakamega County, Fernandez Barasa may end up serving for only one term if the current political bickering is anything to go by.

Just nine months after being elected into office, the Governor looks like he is already disgruntled, and he’s being watched closely by his political friends turned nemesis. Sources in Kakamega say that his frequent visits to the Malava sub-county allegedly to initiate development projects is being seen as trying to return a favour after voters there extended support him to in a big way during the last election which saw him and his close rival Cleophas Malala of Kenya Kwanza split votes significantly, which worked in his favour, voters there have since become discontent.

Voice of Malava patron Lawrence Toli Mukoyani

Although the governor has given the region some slots in his administration, many feel that they were shortchanged considering that their preferred choices were ignored. The majority of the voters were rooting for the likes of John Imbogo to be made CEC after serving in the finance docket during former governor Oparanya’s tenure in office before two fell out in Oparanya’s second term in office.

Also left out is the patron of “The Voice of Malava” and a campaigner for Fernandes Barasa, Lawrence Toli Mukoyani who brought together many young voters, a move that dealt a big blow in the Kenya Kwanza camp, Malava Sub County. Mukoyani through the voice of the Malava Group consisting of young educated people saw it fit to drum up support for the governor. And as many will figure out, the pact was to be accommodated in the county government once the election was over, however, they ended up disappointed after they missed out on jobs. The 2027 election is still far away but there is every reason for Governor Barasa to be worried, especially from voters in Malava.

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