Fleet Management Solution Leasing Tender Row Hits The National Treasury

The National Treasury has been ordered by the Public Procurement Administrative Board to cancel a tender they had awarded to Corprisk African Ltd for the provision of fleet management solution leasing program Phase VII. The Tender No. TNT/007/2022-2023 was awarded at a contract sum of Ksh. 179, 091,050.

However, Gap Tech Solutions Ltd felt the tender was unfairly awarded and requested a review by the PPAB. The tender opening was conducted on February 19, 2023, where 11 tenders were submitted and at the first evaluation stage, nine tenders were determined to be non-responsive, while two tenders were determined to be responsive.  On February 21, 2023, the head of supply chain management services requested the national treasury to conduct due diligence on the tender process. At the end of the due diligence exercise, the evaluation committee reconfirmed an award to Corprisk African Ltd for 4 years.

 In a professional opinion dated June 20, 2023, the head of supply chain management services, Caleb Ogot, concurred with the recommendations of the tender committee. On June 21, 2023, the Principal Secretary Treasury approved the professional opinion, and tenderers were notified of the outcome of the evaluation of the tender. Letters of notification of intention to award were signed by the PS Treasury on June 12, 2023.

 However, on August 11, 2023, Gap Tech Solutions Ltd approached the board to review how the tender was evaluated, It claimed that Corprisk African Ltd failed to comply with some mandatory requirements and that it had no capacity to undertake the assignment. The ruling reads in part “From the foregoing, we find that the evaluation committee failed to conduct due diligence on the subject tender”. In a ruling dated September 1, 2023, the board ordered the PS Treasury to direct the evaluation committee to conduct due diligence and to proceed with the procurement process to its logical conclusion.