Kenya Power Exceeded Customer Connections In 2023

In the six months leading up to December 2023, Kenya Power made significant strides in its energy distribution, with geothermal energy emerging as the primary source of power. The power utility’s mix showcased a diverse energy portfolio, with geothermal leading at 40%, hydroelectric power contributing 23%, wind at 14%, thermal energy at 8%, imports from neighbouring countries at 6%, and solar power at 4%. This period saw a notable shift towards renewable sources, thanks to favourable hydrological conditions that reduced reliance on thermal power.

Kenya Power not only met but exceeded its customer connection goals for this period by 13.87%. The company successfully added 256,206 new customers, surpassing the set target of 225,000, and expanding its customer base to 9,454,819. Joseph Siror, the Managing Director of KPLC, expressed confidence in meeting the annual goal, emphasizing the company’s commitment to achieving universal electricity access by 2030.

The remarkable progress in customer connections can be attributed to an efficient meter availability strategy and the implementation of the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI), aimed at accelerating meter installations nationwide. This initiative was crucial in addressing the backlog of 236,924 pending connections, a challenge compounded by delayed procurement processes due to legal disputes.

With an eye on connecting 400,000 new customers by the end of the fiscal year, Kenya Power is leveraging various projects, including the government and development partner-funded Last Mile Connectivity Project. This initiative has already connected 1,431,423 customers to the grid. The upcoming phase 4 of the project, supported by the AFDB/EU, aims to connect an additional 28,000 customers across 32 counties within 18 months.

Furthermore, Kenya Power is preparing for the implementation of new ‘Electricity Market, Bulk Supply, and Open Access’ regulations introduced by the Energy Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA). These regulations are set to enhance efficiency and competitiveness in the energy sector by establishing a structured electricity market, including both wholesale and retail segments, and inviting more players into the market.

As Kenya Power advances towards its connectivity and energy distribution goals, these developments mark a pivotal step towards sustainable energy solutions and increased access to electricity across the country.