Thousands Of Identification Cards Remain Uncollected At Bungoma Huduma Center

By The Weekly Vision

Bungoma Huduma Center manager Gabriel Mainke has said that there are 3,000 uncollected identification cards (IDs) at the centre. Mr Mainke was addressing the media at Huduma Centre on Monday to mark the centre’s 8th anniversary; he called on owners to visit the centre and collect their IDs.

“Huduma centre is delighted to announce its 8th anniversary, making eight years of dedicated service to the residents of Bungoma and its environs,” he said. In addition, he pointed out that when the centre was opened, it was only offering three services; civil registration, issuing of ID and NHIF cards. “We have now enhanced and bettered the services offered here, currently we are offering over 4,000 services,” he said, adding that there are also 327 uncollected birth certificates.

Bungoma Huduma Center manager Gabriel Mainke

To ensure that the owners turn up and take their IDs and birth certificates, the centre is working with area chiefs in the entire county to remind people to take their documents. “We have put in place measures of ensuring that the owners of these documents come and take them, we also remind them through SMS,” he added. Mr Mainke noted that since its inception on May 15, 2015, Bungoma Huduma Center has been a hallmark of convenience, accessibility and effective service delivery playing a pivotal role in transforming the lives of thousands of individuals through unhindered provision of seamless government services.

To mark the 8th anniversary, the centre will plant 1,500 trees in Mt. Elgon Forest as part of the government’s efforts to increase forest cover. “The center has also actively engaged with the local community through collaborative initiatives advancing the government’s goal of increasing the forest cover by 30 percent by the year 2032,” he said. He added that the centre has planted 2,500 trees in Bungoma. He noted that the centre also utilizes the platform for customer feedback allowing continuous improvement of service delivery adding that the centre has served over 1.2 million people in Bungoma and its environs.

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