‘Yesu wa Tongaren’ Set Free By Bungoma Law Court

By Tony Wafula

Mr Eliud Wekesa alias Yesu Wa Tongaren was finally set free yesterday after spending five days in police custody. Bungoma law court Principal Magistrate Tom Orlando ruled that Mr Wekesa had not been found with any offences following investigations conducted by the police and therefore set him free.

Mr Wekesa was arrested last week on Thursday under allegations of unlawful operation of an unregistered society. The prosecution had also said they had reasons to believe there were criminal activities of indoctrination being carried out at his church. On Friday the court granted the prosecution four days to complete investigations which seems to have borne no fruits leading to the release of the suspect.

Prof George Wajakoya represent Mr Wekesa in court, he condemned his clients’ arrest saying it was marred with political interference from leaders in Bungoma county

 Prof George Wajakoya who was present in court to represent Mr Wekesa condemned his clients’ arrest saying it was marred with political interference from leaders in Bungoma county. “It is very wrong to incriminate any religious leader based on the Shakahola incident, this man is very innocent and his arrest was purely political, several Bungoma leaders including the Bungoma governor were on the forefront pushing for his arrest, “said Wajakoya. He further noted that every religious leader has a right to preach the word of God and are all protected by the Constitution.

Mr Wekesa thanked the court for setting him free saying it is God’s doing. “I had earlier on said my lawyers would be the sun and the moon but God came through and placed a rainbow on my side in form of lawyer Simiyu Wamalwa who has stood with me since the beginning and Prof Wajakoya who has come today to stand with me, I don’t take it for granted, “he said.

Mr Wekesa noted that he is not like other men of God who thrive in wealth but instead leads a simple and truthful life preaching the word of God. “On Saturday I went with some police officer to my home during the investigations, and I was glad it being a sabbath day they got a chance to witness and count offerings that was collected Which was Ksh. 250, six tomatoes and four onions,” said Wekesa.

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