Samburu County Governor Accuses DCI Officers Of Harassment

Samburu County Governor Jonathan Lelelit has raised eyebrows after his recent accusation against the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), alleging that the agency is abusing its power by harassing political leaders through repeated summons. This assertion comes in the wake of Governor Lelelit’s second summons within a month, specifically regarding the escalating issue of banditry in Samburu County.

In a press briefing held on Tuesday, Governor Lelelit expressed his frustration over what he perceives as unwarranted interference by the DCI in the affairs of the county. He emphasized that while he is committed to cooperating with law enforcement agencies to address security challenges, the repeated summonses from the DCI are disruptive and hinder the smooth functioning of the county government.

Governor Lelelit further stated that he is open to constructive dialogue with the DCI and other relevant authorities to address security concerns in Samburu County. However, he urged the DCI to exercise discretion and refrain from using summonses as a tool to intimidate or harass political leaders. The governor’s remarks have sparked a debate among local politicians and residents, with some expressing solidarity with his stance while others calling for a closer examination of the allegations against the DCI.

Meanwhile, the situation on the ground in Samburu County remains tense as security forces continue to grapple with the issue of banditry. Recent reports indicate that armed bandits had planned to carry out an ambush along the Maralal-Baragoi Road in the Morijo area on Tuesday morning. Fortunately, Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) officers were able to thwart the attack, preventing any disruption to transportation along the route.

Samburu County Commander Thomas Ototo confirmed the incident, commending the swift action taken by security forces to neutralize the threat posed by the armed bandits. However, despite this success, concerns linger regarding the underlying security challenges in the region and the need for sustained efforts to address them effectively.

As the debate over the DCI’s actions and the security situation in Samburu County continues to unfold, residents remain hopeful for a resolution that prioritizes their safety and well-being. Governor Lelelit’s outspoken criticism of the DCI’s handling of the situation has brought renewed attention to the issue, prompting calls for greater accountability and transparency in law enforcement efforts within the county.